Fabric Content and Care

The ULTRA-THIN NONWOVEN MEMBRANE reflects the body’s radiant heat to minimize heat loss. It is windproof & water resistant, yet highly breathable. Its open-pore structure does not build up uncomfortable moisture within the insulation.

Outer Shell Performance Selected
Varies by style, selected for its performance characteristics which include protection from the elements while venting moisture.

Hipora® Breathable, Waterproof Glove Insert
stops wetness from penetrating yet releases moisture from inside. Microscopic aluminum flakes in the breathable silicone coating enhance this glove’s heat retention characteristics.

High Loft Insulation For Flexibility & Sensitivity
A lighter weight high loft insulation is placed on the palm side of the hand for increased flexibility & comfort.


The new HOT-RAP X system combines all of the features of the original HOT-RAP system
with 3M's Thinsulate TM 150 and 200 gram Water-Resistant insulations. Now combined with
superior construction and exceptional insulation to give you the warmest Hotfingers glove yet.
200 gram Water-Resistant Insulation On The Back of the Glove
Hydrophobic fibers in 3M Thinsulation Water-Resistant Insulation helps keep cold out
while keeping heat in.
Waterproof, Windproof & Breathable Insert
This insert prevents water vapors from getting into the glove, but lets perspiration
escape, there by preventing moisture from forming inside the glove.
150 gram Water-Resistant Insulation On The Palm Side of the Glove
Thinner Insulation is used on the palm of the glove to give you more flexibility then
with heavier insulation.
Moisture Control Inner Liner
This inner lining besides being printed with the Hotfingers logo offers outstanding
wicking properties to remove perspiration from your hand.
Ceramic Infused Lining
This lining captures and uses your own body heat and in conjunction with the
elements of the glove, reduces the need for bulky insulation.
Only the finest materials are used in the making of the gloves to offer the wearer
protection from the elements while enhancing the performance of the glove.

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Feature Description
Gore-Tex® Insert
A durable, lightweight laminate (by W.L. Gore & Associates) is sealed at the seams and fitted over the insulating layer of a glove, providing total waterproof and breathable protection. It allows the glove to remain soft and flexible without inhibiting dexterity.


A micro-porous seamless membrane that provides four seemingly contrary characteristic: moisture permeability, water resistance, breathability and water repellency 



A complete moisture management and waterproof system with exceptional breathability.  Hands are kept comfortable and dry throughout an active day in cold weather conditions.


Ultra Thinhollow core polyester pllymer, designed to create warmth without bulk. Compression resistant fibers create warm heat pockets that trap the radiant heat and prevent traditional heat loss

Thinsulate™ Insulation
The original “warmth without bulk”, Thinsulate™ Insulation traps and holds body heat, providing optimal warmth and performance in cold weather conditions. Also, it won’t absorb water. .

Hollofil™ II Insulation
DuPont’s high loft insulation that is designed to be compact and soft yet resilient and refluffable. It has a patented blend of four-hole fibers to provide greater warmth without added weight.

Alpine Dry

This superior seamless insert provides outstanding breathability, allows perspiration to escape, is waterproof, and keeps your hands warm and dry dyring all outdoor activities

Glove Care: The surface of most gloves can be spot cleaned simply by gently rubbing the soiled area with a solution of Woolite. and water. (Follow manufacturer's directions).

Fabric gloves, even with leather palms, can be hand washed with "sports wash" or Woolite. (Follow manufactures directions) Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent. It is a good idea to have your hands inside your gloves during the wash & rinse process to help maintain the shape of the gloves. Soap has surfactants that reduce the surface tension of water and dramatically reduce waterproofness. (Nikwax or a similar waterproofing material, works best). Be sure never to wring out your gloves, it will ruin the internal stitching and lining materials. You need to let the gloves air dry away from direct heat.

Clean the outside of leather gloves with a mild leather cleaner. It is recommended that you have your hand inside your glove as you gently clean it. After cleaning, you should spray your gloves with a silicone spray to protect the leather. As for the inside of the glove: it is very difficult to clean the inside of gloves. You could try using woollite on a cloth and gently clean the inside or try spraying the inside with Febreze. Then you would have to let them air dry.

A second option is to have your gloves professionally cleaned.