Sizing Chart


Size Guide Tips

Please download size chart and print image.

Important: When printing image, be sure your printer is set to print at 100% and not to scale image to fit paper.

To determine your size, place hand over diagram. Choose your size from where your finger tip falls. If your finger tip falls between sizes, go to the larger size.

Measurement Chart

To figure hand size, wrap tape measure (Tailoring rule) around the knuckles of your hand and then form a fist (exclude your thumb). The tape measure should be a little loose. The number of inches is the numeric hand size.


Sizing based on age:
5 - 6 Small
7 - 8 Medium
9 -10 Large
11 - 12 Xlarge


Sizing based on age:
1 - 2 Small
3 - 4 Medium
5 - 6 Large